29 Nov Nadav Kander in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, London, 2009

Uploaded on Dec 22, 2009


Constant Stream 2009 Exhibitions. A touring group show in numerous Chinese cities presented by the Royal College of Art, London.

Featuring ‘Yangtze, The Long River’ by Nadav Kander.

This is both poem, travel journal and odyssey: we witness the journey of one of the world’s leading photographers from mouth to source at a time of tumultuous change. He draws us into a landscape highly charged with meaning it is both distant and present, monumental and intimate.

They are just pictures, but pictures that cant be taken again. The Yangtze River, which forms the premise to this body of work, is the main artery that flows 4100 miles (6500km) across China, travelling from its furthest westerly point in Qinghai Providence to Shanghai in the East. In this installation, Nadav invites the visitors to reflect with him on his journey. He chooses to use the Yangtze River as a premise to create work looking at wider issues about China and its people. The River plays such an important part in the life of the Chinese, both spiritually and physically. All Chinese people have more than a sparse knowledge of this great waterway, the third longest in the world, and even when living thousands of miles away their faces light up at its mention and it is discussed with a reverence. It is much more than a waterway. It is history, folklore and linked to Chinas Soul. It runs in the blood of the people. The river is a metaphor for China constant change. Nadav was responding to a country that feels at the beginning of a new era but at the same time odds with itself. China appears as a country that prefers to forget its roots by destroying its past and moving forward at an astounding and unnatural pace.

Dr.Yanki Lee: Research Fellow and Curator of Constant Stream
Dan Davis: Director of Video
Bronac Ferran: Interview & Text

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