27 May Add Drama to Your Photos with Coloured Lighting in Photoshop – Part 2


In this video we will add a color work to the image. In the 1st part we’ve performed a clean up, we’ve adjusted luminosity levels and added more depth to the photo with Dodging & Burning technique. Now we will add a bold look to the subtle portrait with stylish color grading. You will learn how with a few simple steps enhance your photos with Gel Lighting Effect.
Working in a non-destructive way with the most powerful Photoshop tools allows to adjust mood in the image to our needs. We will perform the color grading process with the Color Fill and Selective Color Adjustment Layers combined with Photoshop masks.


 The 20 min video includes:
  • professional toning
  • targeted color adjustments with Color Fill Adjustment Layer
  • targeted color adjustments with Selective Color Adjustment Layer


Join me and let’s together unlock hidden potential in your photographs! I hope you find this class helpful and informative! Please subscribe to DAC Youtube channel to enjoy our other open photo editing classes.


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