29 Jun Portrait Photography Masterclass – Natural Light complete edit


Working with natural light is one of my favourite techniques. Simplicity of the setup allows me to entirely focus on the subject and observe subtleties of the moment. Using only available light when shooting portraiture can be challenging at times, it often brings unexpected results – and that’s exactly what makes photography a fascinating playground.

In the following series of videos combined together I will show you how to enhance an image taken with soft, natural light. The techniques I will present are universal – they are simply building blocks of a consistant, non-destructive workflow.

The 80 min video includes:
  • image evaluation and preparation for the edit
  • correcting model’s shape with the Liquify Filter
  • black & white conversion as part of the color toning process
  • contrast adjustments with the Curves Tool
  • targeted luminosity adjustments
  • final touches & selective sharpening

Download the supporting files here and let’s get started!

I hope you find this class helpful and informative! Please subscribe to DAC Youtube channel to enjoy our other open photo editing classes.

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