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Transform Your Photos with Curves in Photoshop

Watch the  free video and learn how to incorporate Curves into a full photo edit. In the video the Curves along with Dodge & Burn retouching technique were used to correct light and shadow levels in the portrait. If you are curious how to get from the original image to the final edit – feel…

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Human Eye vs DSLR – How Do They See The World

Every aspiring photographer sooner or later will face a truly breathtaking scene that despite his efforts will be close to impossible to capture. Why? Watch the “Human Eye vs DSLR – How Do They See The World” free video and learn about two different worlds – your DSLR’s and the one seen through your eyes.…

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Open Class: “Photographic Exposure Best Practices”

Do you want to take better photos and finally get comfortable with your camera’s manual settings? If yes, this is a course for you – I have designed it for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their images by mastering the most fundamental aspect of photography – exposure. What Will I Learn?  …

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